Planning a renovation? Staying safe is your number one priority

Wednesday Nov 18th, 2020


Whether it’s for safety, work, or play, many of us are spending more time in our homes. Renovations and DIY projects are great ways to enhance your living space.  Whether it is just a new coat of paint, wallpaper, or something more involved like updating your kitchen, safety should always be priority number one.  Here are six tips to keep you and your family safe during renovations:   1.... [read more]

Top 3 home renovation scams – and how to avoid them

Friday Aug 28th, 2020

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Home makeovers and repairs are on the rise, as we try to make our spaces more livable and functional. But even if you prefer to DIY most projects, some inevitably require the help of a professional. Finding a reliable contractor is where you can run into trouble, as there are many contractor scams in the industry.   “While on the ground supporting our customers, some have told us that they have been approached by contractors going door-to-door... [read more]

How to transform dated kitchen cabinets with paint

Monday Jan 14th, 2019


Old kitchen and bathroom cabinets are like fashion — what looked good in 1977 doesn’t necessarily look so hot now. Fortunately, painting cabinet doors, drawer faces and face frames is a simple and economical way to transform your kitchen or bathroom. Use these tips from Harrowsmith magazine to get started. 1. Select paint. Real, solid wood and painted composite wood, such as medium density fibreboard (MDF), can both be painted with high-end latex primer followed... [read more]

3 tips to master indoor renovations this winter

Tuesday Nov 13th, 2018

Prepping Your Home For Sale

While many of us hesitate to begin a home makeover during the colder months, this can actually be a great time of year to tackle a project. All you need is some research and planning.  For starters, you’re much more likely to find a contractor who’s available for hire in the winter, since many people choose to do home projects during the more popular warmer periods. Second, renovating your home during... [read more]


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