Buying a new home? What to know about the warranty

Friday Feb 8th, 2019


Have you purchased a new home or condo from a registered builder? Good news – your new home comes with a warranty backstopped by Tarion, Ontario’s new home warranty provider. In case you have any issues with your home, it’s important to know what the warranty covers. Here’s everything you need to know: Deposit protection. If you put down a deposit when you signed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, those funds are protected if anything goes wrong. Deposits on... [read more]

Do you know what kind of condo you’re buying?

Thursday Feb 28th, 2019


Condominiums can come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s important to know that not all condos are created equal when it comes to warranty coverage. Whether you’re buying a condominium townhouse, loft-style two-bedroom or a high-rise studio, they are all classified as condominiums if you own your unit while at the same time share access (and the associated fees) for facilities ranging from pools and parking garages to elevators and driveways, otherwise known as common... [read more]

Popular Winter Recreational Regions

Friday Nov 30th, 2018


In Collingwood, median property prices continued to increase in 2018. Detached property home prices rose 6.3 per cent year-over-year to $549,900. Properties in the condominium segment experienced an uptick in value as well, rising 5.4 per cent year-over-year to $407,700, demonstrating a steady demand for recreational properties in the region. “Torontonians, and those living west of the city in Cambridge, Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo, make up the largest buyer segment in... [read more]

What to do if your condo isn’t move-in ready

Friday Aug 17th, 2018


When you purchase a pre-construction condominium, you expect your home will look just like the sales brochure promised. Unfortunately, some owners end up moving into buildings that are still under construction and into units that are missing their carefully chosen finishes or lacking features needed to make them comfortable. Owners who find themselves in these situations are understandably frustrated and disappointed – and they want to know how this can happen. It’s... [read more]

What to do if your condo is cancelled

Saturday Jul 7th, 2018


As the market for detached homes has slowed, the demand for condos has continued to grow as people see them as a more affordable option.  While there seems to be no shortage of willing condo buyers, there is a shortage of pre-construction units available for sale. Unfortunately, this is due in part to development projects taking longer than expected, or some being cancelled altogether. There are many different reasons why some developments never get built. For example, the builders... [read more]



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