Buying a home as a family

Thursday May 2nd, 2019


Canadians who purchase a home with family or parental involvement continues to gain popularity while purchasing a home with a spouse or partner has shown a steady decline over the past few years. According to the 2019 RBC home ownership poll, a family purchase is now nearly as popular sole ownership. The family purchase approach to buying a home is especially popular with the millennial set. While funding as a family provides an opportunity for those who may not be in the financial... [read more]

5 questions to ask when house hunting

Sunday Nov 18th, 2018


Whether you’re moving into your first home or your fifth, it can be daunting trying to find the best place to live. But you can make the experience smoother and less stressful by doing your research and knowing which questions to ask. Here are some key questions renters and buyers alike can benefit from asking: How long will I live here? Maybe you’re moving because you got a promotion, or are planning on starting or growing your family in the near future. Make a list... [read more]

Top 4 barriers to home ownership

Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2018


(NC) For thousands of Ontario’s aspiring home buyers, the dream of home ownership is getting harder to achieve. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) partnered with Nanos Research to learn more about the challenges facing young Ontarians and future homeowners trying to get into the market. Here’s what they found: 1. Close to 50 per cent of buyers can’t save enough for a down payment. Housing prices are increasing, but household income is not growing at the same... [read more]

3 tips for aspiring home buyers

Thursday Oct 18th, 2018


(NC) As the seasons change and the leaves begin to change colour, it means one thing for real estate — the next wave of home buying is on its way. According to a recent Ryerson University report, this year alone, potentially 50,000 new millennials in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area will be entering the market. To help you prepare, here are three tips to consider before buying a home: Make a list of your wants and needs. It’s easy to confuse your wants with... [read more]

The first-time homebuyer's path to homeownership

Thursday Jul 12th, 2018


First-time homebuyers know it is important to weigh their options before embarking on the Canadian dream of owning a home but many do not know where to start. Here are the milestones potential homebuyers pass to make sure they are making the right purchase.   Determine your net worth. Take your assets (cash, investments, savings, vehicles and other items you own) and subtract your liabilities (car loans, lines of credit, overdrafts and credit cards). A positive number is a good sign... [read more]


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