How to reseed bare spots in your lawn

Monday Apr 22nd, 2019


Bare spots happen on almost every lawn. They can be caused by heavy foot traffic or rough winter weather. Whatever the reason, if the spot is larger than a foot wide, it's important to patch it. Otherwise, weeds will quickly fill the space, or a deep rut can develop if the soil erodes without grass to hold it in place. Fortunately, fixing bare spots is easy. Here are some tips from The Home Depot Canada to help you get started. Choose your seeds. A good rule of thumb is to... [read more]

How to remove mould from your home

Monday Jan 11th, 2021

mould remediation in mississauga

Whether it’s in a dark corner in your basement, under your kitchen sink or in the deep, dark depths of a storage room, it’s common to have mould in your home. But mould can cause poor indoor air quality and health problems.   To eliminate this substance, clean affected areas that are less than one square metre. Put on protective wear including a long-sleeved shirt, an appropriate and properly fitted mask intended for mould remediation,... [read more]



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