Making the most of hibernation season

Monday Dec 30th, 2019


Winter doesn’t have to be all tissues, cold medicine and face steamers. Here are some ways to make the most out of your hibernation season:   Build your immunity kit  After a long week of commuting and interacting with people, public transit and countless germs, you want to make sure your immune system remains strong. Building a flu season immunity kit is your best offense and defense against even the mildest winters. Stores like Rexall are perfect as... [read more]

Set your home up for a cozy winter

Tuesday Nov 19th, 2019

cozy winter home

One of the best things about winter is coming inside from the frigid weather to a cozy and welcoming environment. To make your home a space where you’ll want to hibernate all season long, check out these tips. Add layers of lighting. Our winters can be long and cold, so take steps to make sure your refuge is toasty warm and inviting. Swap out cool, white lightbulbs for warm ones and place plenty of light fixtures at various heights throughout your home. Think reading lamps, wall... [read more]


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