Keep more money in your pocket for retirement

Thursday Sep 27th, 2018


If you’re retired, you know that every dollar counts. And whether you need the money for a long trip or for a rainy day, it’s important to stretch every dollar. Here are some ways to keep more cash in the bank during your golden years.

  1. DIY household chores. When you work nine to five, you have less time to mow the lawn and clean the house, and might have hired someone instead. But now you can squeeze in a mini workout and save money by doing these tasks yourself. For bigger projects, try heading to a home improvement store or checking out online videos to see if you can safely DIY.
  2. Keep up with vehicle maintenance. People are keeping their cars longer, with most Canadians holding on to them for nine years or more. To protect your investment, be sure to do those easy checks you can perform yourself, like the oil level and condition, tire wear and antifreeze levels. Choose Prestone antifreeze as it’s the best at stopping corrosion that can lead to overheating and breakdowns.
  3. Enjoy plenty of discounts. Besides saving with senior discounts at the pharmacy, movies and recreational activities, being a retiree comes with a host of other, more hidden savings. Since your schedule is flexible, you can take advantage of happy hours, travel during off-peak seasons and check out lower-priced matinee theatre productions.

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