Transform your tiny home with these tips

Monday Feb 12th, 2018


Many homeowners want to freshen up their homes with a series of renovations, but must get creative with their use of small spaces. It's a common dilemma, especially with the uptick in condo living in recent years.

Here are some tips for your tiny home reno:

Maximize your organization. When planning a small home renovation, using your space efficiently should be top of mind. Whether you are making space to store shoes in a non-existent foyer or reorganizing the kitchen to create a better flow, the best fixes are often multipurpose. For example, use a shelf to store your shoes to save floor space, and consider attaching hooks to hang coats, purses and other accessories. In the kitchen, try hanging a grid from the ceiling to hang pots and pans, to save on drawer and cabinet storage.

Invest in appropriate appliances. If you are trying to revamp a 600 square-foot studio apartment, you may want to stay away from that six-top, extra wide gas stove. Most major appliance makers have developed lines that are just the right size for compact living spaces.

Cut down on new infrastructure. One of the most frustrating challenges for those renovating small spaces is installing new plumbing. Even if you're just converting a closet into a powder room, roughing in new piping can be expensive and take up valuable space. When planning out your new bathroom, consider using a Sanicompact, a self-contained, above-floor plumbing system that pumps waste up and away to an existing soil stack, eliminating the need for a rough-in or expensive construction to break the floor.

With a little bit of forethought, your small home renovation can be a fun creative challenge.

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